Founded in June 2017 and based in Los Angeles, California, Canine School of Behavior is a trusted canine training facility for people with family and working dogs. Whether a basic obedience class or an intensive training program, Canine School of Behavior has a team of skilled behaviorists to assist both owners and canines in reaching their desired goals at an affordable rate. They pride themselves in their dedication to serving the community by making training as accessible as possible. 

Allie Parelskin, the founder, has not only worked directly with National Geographic’s Dr. Pol but also world renowned trainers and professors who have honed her behavioral and psychological training techniques in many species. They instilled in her the foundation for creating a new standard in the industry, which combines the scientific and ethical practices of canine behavior. It is our commitment to develop clear and effective communication between all dogs and their owners to create a foundation for happier and healthier lives. 

I also like to recommend Allie as her family are two-time doodle owners from Jennifer's Canines.