Jennifer’s Canines has specialized in the breeding of Standard Goldendoodles since 2003. We began as a small hobby breeder and have grown into a small community. We care for the majority of our animals personally, but we now include several guardian homes and some assistant staff. In a guardian home, our breeding dogs can enjoy the experience of being a family pet. He or she will come back to do breeding check-ups and other vet visits, and eventually to breed. After retirement, the host family continues to care for that dog for the remainder of his or her life. Although it takes a lot more effort to coordinate between households, we find that our dogs are very happy with the extra attention.


Our mission is a unique one, with two major components. First, we are dedicated to producing the highest quality of Goldendoodles. There are many health and temperament benefits for puppies of mixed lineage (as in often seen in mutts), and purposely crossing excellent examples of two popular and well-loved breeds has tremendous results. Before breeding, our standard practice is to certify each sire’s and dam’s hips, elbows, heart, and thyroid through OFA, as well as their eyes through CERF. We have recently added full DNA testing of all of our breeding dogs though Wisdom Panel, one of the worlds most respected DNA testing centers for canines and other animals. When visiting any of our adult dog pages on the "Our Dogs" page, click on the image links to download the results of the DNA testing for that particular dog.


Our dogs get the best of everything, as do our puppies.  They are raised in a home environment where they receive individual attention, socialization with other dogs, high-quality food (including many whole foods), and consistent behavioral training.  The result is calm, mild-mannered dogs that do not experience the stress that comes with living in a kennel.  The puppies are handled daily by our four children ranging in ages from 15 to 8 years old. This unique socialization at a young age prepares the puppies for most any environment they may encounter in their new homes. Our puppies learn quickly, attach easily to their new families, and are well accustomed to the home environment. 


Second, beyond our conscientious breeding practices, we are dedicated to an appropriate balance of breeding and rescue.  There are times we will purchase unaltered adult Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers sold on the open market.  We then provide these dogs with training and socialization (as is often needed when a dog comes from living in a kennel), microchips, and the medical and nutritional attention that would improve his quality of life.    These dogs are then neutered and placed with loving families in the area, usually for the nominal cost of the medical attention needed for that dog’s rehabilitation.  If you are interested in receiving announcements regarding the availability of these rehabilitated Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers, please contact us at to be added to our mailing list.


Jennifer’s Canines has chosen to produce only a handful of well-planned litters each year, giving us the designation of a “hobby breeder”.  Each dog and puppy receives individual attention and evaluation from our head breeder.  This is different than a “backyard breeders” because of the care we put into choosing and raising our dogs.  All of our breeding stock has been selected carefully for the best of health and temperament, as well as good conformation.  A hobby breeder is also different than a commercial kennel in that we are able to give individualized attention to each of our dogs and puppies.  As producing excellent, healthy, and well behaved puppies is our goal, we would rather choose the ethical route of removing a dog from our breeding program rather than risk breeding a trait that would bring pain or suffering to any pet or family.


Over the last twenty years, we’ve grown our breeding program into a network of small breeders. We have two strict standards: First, we will only work with breeders who are willing to create an environment that addresses the complete well-being of the parents and puppies. Second, their dogs must be family members that demonstrate excellent temperament and that have successfully passed the above health exams.


We are also committed to a “safe haven” policy. Life is unpredictable. We cannot predict when we may encounter illness, death, divorce, bankruptcy, allergies, or another situation that makes it impossible for us to keep our pets. We strongly recommend that you have a plan in place for the care of your pet in the event of serious illness, injury, or death. Even as such, any puppy purchased from Jennifer’s Canines can be returned to us for re-homing. We have many requests for adult Goldendoodles, and most likely will be able to help you find a good match for your beloved pet. Unfortunately, we will not be able issue any refunds in these cases.


Additionally, Jennifer’s Canines is run by a behavioral specialist that evaluates each puppy.  We have successfully matched dozens of puppies with families.  Please contact us for references from our previous customers.

Jennifer's Canines Goldendoodle Breeder
Thanks again for a wonderful experience and for an absolutely perfect pup! We love him "sooo much! Beau is getting to be quite the little character; well I'm not sure you can call him little (48 pounds now) but definitely the most adorable character ever!"  - Craig and Char