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Due To Be Born Late December

F1b Litter

Our next f1b litter is due to be born late this December. The parents are Ellie(Female Goldendoodle) and Django(Male poodle). The expected colors will range from red, apricot, light and dark gold. 

We are currently accepting deposits for this litter.



F1 Goldendoodle

Ellie is one of our home bred Goldendoodles. She is super sweet and very gentle as well as incredibly athletic and agile. She can leap onto a table from a stand-still. She has had two previous litters with us and both have turned out to be stunning puppies.


AKC Standard Poodle

Django is one of our hired studs who we have worked with for several years now and he has helped us breed a few amazing litters. He throws colors such a red and apricot and many with great markings.

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