Jennifer's Canine's Health Guarantee

We want our buyers to be thrilled with their new furry family member. With proper care , a grain-free quality diet and basic obedience training, we are certain your dog will have a gentle disposition and sweet temperament.

We test all of our adult dogs (using Optimal Selection DNA) to make certain that they do not carry the following genetic conditions: Degenerative Myelopathy, Icthyosis, Neonatal Encelopathy with Seizures, Progressive Retinal Atrophy type 1 and type 2, Progressive Rod/Cone degeneration, GM2 Gangliosidosis, Osteochondrodysplasia, and Von Willebrand Disease and about 150 more potential genetic issues. Our adult dogs have had their hip/elbow X-ray before breeding, so that we don’t breed dogs who have genetic hip dysplasia. We feed all of our dogs  Life’s Abundance dog food, because nutrition matters!

Although we have already taken our puppies to a vet for a complete physical and shots, your personal vet should evaluate the puppy to have a good “baseline” from the beginning. Therefore, to validate your health guarantee, families MUST take their new puppy to a veterinarian within 72 hours of purchase. Be certain to schedule this first vet appointment, prior to receiving your puppy. If your vet finds your puppy to be in unacceptable health condition, the buyer must notify Jennifer’s Canines within 3 days of receiving the puppy. The vet must make a statement on letterhead that the puppy is unhealthy and not suitable for purchase, and Jennifer’s Canines will retake ownership of the puppy and refund in full.

It is necessary to protect your puppy from contagious diseases until an entire series of three (some new protocols require 4) vaccines has been given. Your puppy shouldn’t be exposed to other puppies or taken to public places until fully protected by the entire series. At 8 weeks of age, your puppy has had only one vaccine, as is the proper vaccine protocol. Until receiving 3 vaccines, your puppy is NOT fully protected against deadly contagious diseases such as Parvovirus and distemper etc. Precaution also needs to be taken at your vet’s office; people take sick animals there! Keep your puppy in the car until the examination, and do not let your puppy touch the floor at the vet’s office. We do NOT guarantee that your puppy won’t catch contagious diseases. Your puppy should NOT receive any additional vaccines until 3 weeks after their initial vaccine. Do NOT allow vet to administer any additional vaccines at the initial appointment!

This health guarantee is contingent upon the owner spaying or neutering the puppy by age 12 months, feeding one of the Approved brands listed HERE, and vaccinating/worming/vet care according to the proper protocol established by a licensed vet. Please keep receipts of the above items to verify conditions were met. If above conditions are met, Jennifer’s Canines provides a 2 year guarantee that is explicitly for the following medical/genetic conditions: cancer, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, genetic eye conditions, epilepsy, heart disorders or any other organ failure that is genetic in nature. If the puppy is diagnosed by OFA as being hip or elbow dysplastic before age 2 years, the Buyer must submit a copy of the OFA report to Jennifer’s Canines. If the puppy continues the Life’s Abundance food for the first 3 years, the health guarantee is extended by 12 months to 3 years total.

ALL puppies are born with parasites and worms, and stress can reactivate dormant parasites; although our puppies receive Pyrantal worming medicine at 2, 4, 6 weeks of age, Tolturizuril for 2 days to prevent coccidiosis (at age 5 weeks), and then 5 days of Panacur at age 8 weeks of age, they may still have a few parasites that resisted treatment. Your vet should provide a routine worming or fecal test. We do NOT make any real or implied guarantee against normal puppy parasites, such as coccidiosis, giardia, viral or any bacterial infections that puppies can contract (such as ear infections. UTIs, or other issues which can be caught at dog parks and public places).

If a licensed Vet determines that your dog has a genetic health defect, as outlined above, a statement outlining the defect from the vet needs to be submitted for the health guarantee to be valid. Jennifer’s Canines reserves the right to have the dog examined by a veterinarian of their choice, at Jennifer’s Canines expense, to verify the dog’s diagnosis. If it is confirmed that there is a defect that is covered by the guarantee, a will refund the original cost of the puppy to the buyer so that it may be used towards treatment of the animal. Transportation costs are not included in the health guarantee. In addition, this health guarantee does not include a refund of any vet bills incurred by the owner.

While there is a good chance there will be little or no shedding with your new puppy, shedding and hair color are not guaranteed as there is no possible way to guarantee outcome. While we do our due diligence to predict what to expect, there is always the possibility that your doodle may change color as they age or show signs of shedding both in small and great amounts.

Thanks again for a wonderful experience and for an absolutely perfect pup! We love him "sooo much! Beau is getting to be quite the little character; well I'm not sure you can call him little (48 pounds now) but definitely the most adorable character ever!"  - Craig and Char