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Happy GoldenDoodle Families


When we picked up Olive from Billy three years ago, we truly could not have anticipated how much we'd love her. She's truly the perfect dog. She's outgoing and energetic and healthy and loving and the best dog I've ever had. I'm literally obsessed with her. I don't know that we'll go to a breeder again, but if we do, we'd absolutely come back to Jennifer's Canines.


Our little Milton came home from Jennifers Canines last week.  He is nine weeks old and a really sweet boy.  We have raised numerous golden retrievers, this is our first golden doodle.  What a joy!  This little fella is really comfortable with most any stimulation he gets.  He is fine with loud noises, children around him, family that he has never met and comfortable riding in the car.  He loves being outside, is using our doggy door successfully with few accidents and sleeping quite well despite puppy-hood and the need normal to go outside a few times at night.  We are totally in love with him and he seem to have bonded with our family very quickly.  Billy and Jennifer have accomplished a very successful breeding and training ground for new litters and on top of that, they respond within no time to any questions or concerns.

Jarrett G.

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We received our puppy almost 3 years ago--it's hard to believe. Working with this breeder was incredibly easy and fun. They do a tremendous job! We love our dog and he has been a tremendous family pet, has excellent health and a perfect demeanor.

Isabella S.


I just wanted to reach out and tell you about a puppy we purchased from you. He was born October 6 2007, we picked him up December 7, 2007. We named him Jimmy. We love him so much - and yes he is still alive (15+ years). Moving a bit slower, but still wakes me up for breakfast every morning. I am so glad we purchased from you. He is a blessings in our lives Thank you

 June S.


Thanks again for a wonderful experience and for an absolutely perfect pup! We love him "sooo much! Beau is getting to be quite the little character; well I'm not sure you can call him little (48 pounds now) but definitely the most adorable character ever!

Craig and Char

We love her so much and are so proud of her. Just want to show her off to the world!" 

Carole, Mary, and Grace 

I can assure you, if you are looking to add a doodle to your family, you needn't look any further than Jennifer's Canines!  We couldn't be happier!!

Juli Mahoney

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